Recent Appeals from cases in Judge Bennett's Court

Information Services Group, Inc. v. Rawlinson (Tex.App. - Houston [14th Dist.] Nov. 5, 2009)(Brown)
accelerated, interlocutory appeal from the trial court’s order granting appellee’s special appearance)
defendant found to lack sufficient minimum contacts to support the assertion of specific jurisdiction)
AFFIRMED: Opinion by
Justice Jeff Brown    
Before Justices Brock Yates, Frost and Brown  
14-09-00242-CV  Information Services Group, Inc., Technology Partners International, Inc. and TPI
Eurosourcing, L.L.C. v. Tony Rawlinson   
Appeal from 61st District Court of Harris County
Trial Court Judge:
Al Bennett

Royalton Condominium, LP v. Albright (Tex.App.- Houston [1st Dist.] Oct. 8, 2009)(Radack)
pending interlocutory appeal mooted by nonsuit in the trial court)
Chief Justice Radack   
Before Chief Justice Radack, Justices Bland and Massengale
01-09-00139-CV Royalton Condominiums, L.P. and The Royalton Management, Inc. v. Gerry Albright,
Vivian Leong, Ronald Gensburg, Hal Kuntz,
Annette Kuntz, Lucky Chopra and Alvin Thomas   
Appeal from 61st District Court of Harris County
Trial Court Judge:
Hon. Al Bennett

Recent Appeals from cases in Judge Donovan's Court
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Democrat Al Bennett Succeeds John Donovan as
Judge of the 61st District Court in Harris County, Texas
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Harris County Civil Courts and
Judges (Non-family)
Harris County Civil Courthouse - Houston TX 77002
Judge John Donovan 2008 Judicial Re-election Campaign Sign | 61st District Court Harris County Houston TX
GOP Blurb on Incumbent Donovan
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Democratic Billing
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Judge Donovan is certified in Trial Law and
graduated Cum Laude from South Texas College
of Law (1984). He has chaired the Civil Courts’
Special Dockets (Mass Torts) Committee and
presided over to conclusion the silicone implant
docket in Harris County. Judge Donovan has
helped improve docket management of mass tort
Al Bennett Candidate for 61st District Court

Al Bennett has practiced law in Houston for nearly 20 years.
A solo practitioner, Al manages a law practice that
specializes in complex commercial and tort litigation
matters. Al is licensed to practice within Texas and is also
licensed with the U.S. District Courts in the Southern,
Northern, and Eastern Districts of Texas. He serves as
Adjunct Professor of Law (Trial Advocacy) for the Thurgood
Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University

Al served as the chairman of the board and president of the
Houston Lawyers Association, and as chair of Committee
on Lawyer Referral & Information Services for the State Bar
of Texas. He has been rated AV, the highest ratings in legal
ability and ethical standards by the Martindale-Hubbell
legal rating system. He is a recipient of the Houston
Lawyers Association Achievement Award, and the
Thurgood Marshall Legal Society Distinguished Service
The facts and law vary from case to case.
Recusal is an issue to be determined by
a judge in considering the facts, circumstances
and law. The law provides certain
situations in which the judge must
recuse himself/herself and I do believe
the law must be followed.
LWV Voters Guide: Question to candidate: When
should a judge recuse
himself/herself from a case?
The due process clauses of both the
Texas and the United States Constitutions
guarantee a party an impartial and disinterested
tribunal in civil cases. The inquiry the court must
make is whether a reasonable member of the
public, knowing
all the facts in the public domain,
would have a reasonable doubt that a
judge is actually impartial.

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Official web page for the 61st District Court of Harris County (Hon. Bennett)   

2008 Election Contest for the 61st District Bench:
Republican Incumbent  John Donovan
Democratic Challenger
                                   Al Bennett
                          ( Click names to go to candidates' websites)

Alfred "Al" Bennett for 61st Judicial District: A University of Texas law school graduate,
Democrat Bennett will bring a record of community service as well as diversity to the civil
courts. He is an adjunct professor at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law.
2008 ELECTION OUTCOME: REP John Donovan  537,650 Votes: 48.77%
DEM Alfred "Al" Bennett 564,767 Votes: 51.23% See all Harris County Election Results

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