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Affirmed as Modified and Memorandum Opinion filed August 26, 2008.



In The


Fourteenth Court of Appeals



NO. 14-07-00491-CV



SAMUEL MAYO, Appellant





PELTIER, Appellees



On Appeal from the County Court at Law No. 4

Brazoria County, Texas

Trial Court Cause No. CI036971



C O N C U R R I N G   O P I N I O N

I concur fully in the court=s opinion, but write separately to note that the state of the law concerning preserving error on objections to summary-judgment evidence could use some clarification.  As it stands now, a party need not object at the trial court when its opponent makes no attempt to authenticate the attachments to its summary-judgment motion,[1] but it must object to a failure to properly execute an attempt to authenticate an attachment, or the objection is waived.[2]  Moreover, some courts have held that the trial court may implicitly overrule objections to summary-judgment evidence,[3] while others maintain that expressly overruling them orally on the record is insufficient without memorializing the ruling in a written order.[4]  Until such discrepancies are resolved, the best practice is still for counsel to make all objections in writing at or before the summary-judgment hearing and to obtain a written and signed ruling on those objections from the trial court.[5]


/s/      Jeff Brown



Judgment rendered and Opinion filed August 26, 2008.

Panel consists of Justices Yates, Anderson and Brown. (J., Anderson files Majority.)

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