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Dias v. Goodman Manufacturing Co. (Tex.App.- Houston [14th Dist.] Jan. 9, 2007)(Guzman) (employment
law, THCRA discrimination, age discrimination claim, retaliatory discharge)
AFFIRMED: Opinion by Justice Guzman
Before Justices Anderson, Hudson and Guzman
14-05-00836-CV  Donald Dias v. Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P., Goodman Holding Company
and Quietflex Manufacturing Company L.P
Appeal from 269th District Court of Harris County (
Judge John Thomas Wooldridge)

In Re Dillard Department Stores, Inc. No. 04-1132 (Tex. March 2, 2006)(per curiam)(
motion to compel
arbitration) (mandamus granted compelling arbitration of employee's retaliatory discharge claim)

The Ed Rachal Foundation v. D’Unger, No. 03-1101 (Tex. Apr. 21, 2006)(per curiam opinion)
whistle blowers, no common law cause of action, doctrine of employment at will)