Justice Alcala, Elsa R.

Justice Angelini, Karen

Justice Bland, Jane Nenninger

Justice Castillo, Errlinda

Justice Dauphinot, Lee Ann

Justice Duncan, Sarah B.

Justice Fowler, Wanda McKee

Justice Francis, Molly

Justice Frost, Kem Thompson

Justice Gardner, Anne L.

Justice Garza, Dori Contreras

Justice Guzman, Eva M.

Justice Hedges, Adele

Justice Higley, Laura Carter

Justice Keyes, Evelyn V.

Justice Lagarde, Sue

Justice Lang-Miers, Elizabeth Ann

Justice Livingston, Terrie

Justice Lopez, Alma

Justice Maloney, Frances

Justice Marion, Sandee Bryan

Justice McClure, Ann Crawford

Justice Mirabal, Margaret Garner

Justice Patterson, Jan

Justice Radack, Sherry

Justice Rodriquez, Nelda V.

Justice Simmons, Rebecca

Justice Smith, Bea Ann

Justice Speedlin, Phylis J.

Justice Stone, Catherine M.

Justice Sue S. Walker

Justice Thomas, Linda

Justice Wright, Carolyn I.

Justice Yanez, Linda Reyna

Justice Yates, Leslie Brock

Justice Anderson, John S.

Justice Anderson, Ken

Justice Baird, Charles F.

Justice Bass Jr, James W.

Justice Boyd, John T.

Justice Bridges, David L.

Justice Campbell, James T.

Justice Carter, Jack

Justice Cayce, John

Justice Chew, David Wellington

Justice Cornelius, William J.

Justice Day, Sam

Justice Dickenson, Bob

Justice Draughn, Joe L.

Justice Edelman, Richard H.

Justice FitzGerald, Kerry

Justice Gaultney, David

Justice Gray, Thomas W.

Justice Griffith, Sam

Justice Hancock, Mackey K.

Justice Hank, George C., Jr.

Justice Hill, John

Justice Hill, John G.

Justice Hinojosa, Federico G.

Justice Holman, Dixon W.

Justice Horton III, Hollis

Justice Hoyle, Brian Todd (2006)

Justice Hudson, Harvey J.

Justice Jennings, Terry

Justice Kreger, Charles A.

Justice Lang, Douglas S.

Justice Law, Kenneth W.

Justice Mazzant, Amos Louis

Justice McCall, Terry

Justice McCloud, Austin

Justice McCoy, Bob

Justice McKeithen, Steve

Justice Morris, III, Josh R.

Justice Morris, Joseph B.

Justice Morris, Rick

Justice Moseley, James A.

Justice Murphy, Paul C.

Justice Nuchia, Sam

Justice O'Neill, Michael J. (Mike)

Justice Onion Jr, John F.

Justice Onion Jr., John F.

Justice Pemberton, Bob

Justice Puryear, David

Justice Quinn, Brian

Justice Reavis, Don H.

Justice Reyna, Felipe

Justice Richter, Martin

Justice Ross, Donald R.

Justice Seymore, Charles, W.

Justice Strange, Rick G. (2006)

Justice Taft, Tim

Justice Valdez, Rogelio

Justice Vance, Bill

Justice Waldrop, Alan

Justice Whittington, Mark

Justice Witting, Don

Justice Worthen, James T.

Justice Wright, Jim R.
Justices on the Texas Courts of Appeals
Justices on the
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Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson
Justice Scott A. Brister
Justice Paul W. Green
Justice Nathan Hecht
Justice Phil Johnson
Justice David Medina
Justice Harriet O'Neill
Justice Dale Wainwright
Justice Don R. Willett